Advantages of hand-held bevellers


 machines may come in handy in different situations. Whether you are a small workshop and
purchase of self-propelled beveller is over your budget, you need some extra beveling power for a
short period of time, or you have curved plates to bevel; the answer to your problems is a hand-held

Hand-held bevellers are very versatile and can be used for beveling of both pipes and plates. All
hand-held bevellers in our range are fitted with milling heads and therefore provide excellent,
close to mirror, finish. There are many advantages over prepping bevels with an angle grinder;
the machines are less noisy, faster, don’t create any dust particles and most importantly are much
more economical. You can save money not only on grinding discs but also on man hours.

One of the biggest advantages is light weight of the machine. Majority of hand-held machines weigh
between 2 and 20 kg. Even with the heaviest machines, the weight of the machine is resting on the
bevelled plate; this makes work with the beveller even easier. Another advantage of hand-held machines
is related to the previous point machines, thanks to their compactness, they can reach even in the places
with limited access.

There are hand-helds for designed for different stress levels that the machines have to withstand.
Feel free to ask any member of Bevel sales team in order to help you with selection of the
correct beveller for your job.