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Case Studies

Perfect Radius on the Edge

Lightweight hand-held machines that round off edges quickly and precisely R2, R3, R4, and R5 through milling.

For perfectly executed varnishing, it is essential to round off sharp edges. This ensures the maintenance of a continuous layer of varnish, which is not prone to defects, as in the case of sharp edges. Such prepared varnish, for example on steel parts, can provide up to a 15-year guarantee.<…

Hardox bevelling

  • Date of realization: February 2021
  • Implemented product: ULTRAMILL ROTO
  • Customer requests: to bevel HARDOX material with 55°, 81° and 87° angles

Based on the customer´s demand, we carried out a sample bevelling of the delivered semi-finished plates made of HARDOX 450 and 500 material.
The task was to bevel three sides of a rectangle shaped material with dimensions 270x503x12…

J bevel

  • Date of realization: May 2015
  • Implemented product: HURDMILL
  • Customer requests: J shaped bevel, a trial

Alongside the conventional V or K bevels used on majority of plates, thicker plates require J shaped bevels. This was a requirement that Bevel was asked about by our customers quite often. The newest version of HURDMILL is developed in a way that when fitted with special J bevel head, it is able to produce J bevels up to 60…

UL certification + slope bevelling

  • Date of realization: January 2016
  • Implemented product: PURMILLSQUAREMILL
  • Customer requests: UL certification, a slope bevel at 76 degrees on top of the conventional bevelling between 15-60 degrees

Bevel manufactures and sells machines mostly made in standard series; however, from time to time we come across a special requirement from our customers to…

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