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  • - Maximum capacity 36"
  • - Any material
  • - Fast and efficient
  • - Semi-automatic locking mechanism
  • - Ovality compensation


ULTRATORQ is the newest and largest addition to the range of BEVEL’s pipe bevellers. It brings all the advantages of ID locked machines and is capable of bevelling pipes up to 36” in diameter. As all machines locked form the inside, ULTRATORQ provides very fast an efficient way of performing bevels on pipes between 20” and 36” (508 – 937 mm); it can prepare external bevel, internal bevel and facing, all done simultaneously in one operation.

In addition to all standard features of smaller ID locked machines it has semi-automatic hydraulic locking system and new unique adjusting toolholder that enables the machine to work on pipes even when they are oval or have deformities on them. Cutting blades are available for all standard profiles of bevels including various J bevels; and other blades of virtually any size and shape can be made on request.

Technical data

Locking range 508 – 937 mm
Axial feed 100 mm
Motor power 2 942 W
Idle speed 7 rpm
Machine weight 700 kg
Compressed air pressure 6 bar
Compressed air consumption 2 690 l/min
Locking range 508 – 937 mm
Axial feed 100 mm
Hydraulic motor working power 11 025 W
Idle speed 26 rpm
Machine weight 700 kg
Oil flow rate 40 l/min
Max. working pressure 100 bar
pneumatic version
hydraulic version
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