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  • - Ultra powerful
  • - High quantities
  • - Self feeding system
  • - Bevels hard materials
  • - Available in upside-down


HURDMILL is an ultra powerful beveller that is designed to remove high quantities of material. Bevelling is done by a milling head rotating at a high speed of 820 rpm. The milling head is fitted with 9 inserts which are sharp on all four sides. Bevelling of virtually all types of steel and alloys (such as Duplex, Superduplex, Hastelloy etc.) is possible due to special bevelling accessories.

This machine can bevel plates of thicknesses up to 120mm. The maximum bevel width is 80mm and the bevelling angle has a standard range of 10° - 70°. For other bevelling angles special versions can be considered. HURDMILL has a self feeding system and no fixed installation is needed.

What makes the bevelling process even more flexible for the user is the possibility of moving this beveller on its incorporated trolley throughout your factory; open-air bevelling such as on construction sites is also possible. The working height can be adjusted within the range of 800 mm to 1.100mm. The Upside-Down version of HURDMILL was developed to bevel the lower side of plates without the need to flip the plate over.

Technical data

Maximum bevel width    80 mm
Bevelling angle  10° - 70°
Plate thickness 6 - 120 mm
Motor Power  4 kW
Motor idle speed  820 rpm
Voltage  400 V/50 Hz, 3-phase
Tooling 9 changeable inserts; 80 mm diameter
Machine weight 288 kg
electric version
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